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Imagiforce ® Virtual Agent Network.com is also a part of Trek Force - A new Search Experience - It's all about bringing images to life in the Holographic Universe along with your own special 3D Virtual Agent.  

Imagiforce, a leader in the  hi-tech production and communication fields, is at the forefront of the next phase of the Internet, the phase that truly empowers the viewers, by allowing them to be "In" the scene rather than just on it. Look for a trusted, Imagiforce Virtual Agent Seal on many websites in the future. 


A Virtual Agent is an embodied 3D agent that is graphically represented by a humanoid avatar in the environment. The development of a complex behavior of a virtual agent acting in a human-like 3D world is in general very hard. There are two main reasons for this. First, virtual agents act in a dynamic, unpredictable, interactive world.

Second,3D Virtual Agent's goals can include many complex tasks, from movement in the environment to social interactions and emotional responses.  It is essential to have a high-quality agent development tool for fast prototyping of behavior of a Virtual Agent. Many different applications feature many advanced development tools, however, they are typically not down-loadable for public use. Moreover, those tools are domain-specific and cannot be used in general.  Basically, a  platform that fits the requirements on fast prototyping of complex behavior of virtual agents is missing. 

Imagiforce presents a tool kit, that aims at filling this gap. It has 5 main features; connection to a virtual environment, auxiliary libraries, sensory primitives, memory management, etc, specific support for debugging, built-in decision-making system and support for experiments defined by declarative rules.

Note: This website is in the process of being completely re-designed and updated for the future, along with live video and new technology applications. Only underlined titles below, can be activated during this process.


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